Exhibition of industrial parks in the State Duma of Russian Federation

21 - 22 January 2014 it was held an exhibition of industrial parks of Russia in the State Duma, which presented information displays and maquettes of AoIP members: Technopolis Himgrad, Zalolzhye, Angara technopark, Industrial - logistic park of Novosibirsk region, Industrial parks of Bashkortostan, Greenstate, Oryol, Kama industrial park ​​“Master”, Nikokhim, Himpark Tagil, Ozery, Stupino 2 .

In the course of the “Government hour” Denis Zhuravsky presented the exposition to the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov and State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin. They discussed the planned measures of state support for industrial parks on examples of specific sites and projects. Representatives of Sberbank of Russia Andrey Sharov and Ekaterina Zinovieva presented the program "New Industrialization" which contains s financial products and 2 non-financial services.
Also there was a question raised about synchronization of banking products and support measures under the state program of industry support. Denis Manturov underlined the intention of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade to provide subsidies in 2014 for creation of industrial infrastructure of industrial parks, based on the proposals provided by the Association of Industrial Parks.

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